Amy Dickenson, advice columnist for Ask Amy

Amy Dickinson

Seven days a week, letter after letter, Amy Dickinson applies an objective eye to reader problems large and small in "ASK AMY: Advice for the real world."

Dickinson succeeds the legendary Ann Landers (Eppie Lederer) as the Chicago Tribune's signature advice columnist. Chicago Tribune editor Gerould Kern said: “Amy understands the personal issues affecting millions of people in their everyday lives and offers grounded advice for healthy, lasting relationships. She’s also a terrific storyteller.” As an advice columnist, Amy uses her talents as a journalist and her personal experiences to answer each question with the care and attention she would devote to her closest friends. Her advice is rooted in honesty and trust, traits she applies to her writing and her life.

Before joining the Chicago Tribune, Dickinson (a distant relative of the poet Emily Dickinson) penned a column on family issues for TIME magazine and had been regularly featured on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered." A weekly column, carried on AOL's News Channels, frequently drew from her experience as a single parent and member of a large, extended family. In addition, she has appeared as a social commentator on CBS' "Sunday Morning."

Dickinson, who grew up on a small dairy farm in New York, currently lives in Chicago with her teenage daughter. A graduate of Georgetown University, Dickinson also has worked as a producer for NBC News and as a freelance writer for publications such as The Washington Post, Esquire and O magazine.

Amy Dickinson Samples

Man struggles to transition online relationship to real life

DEAR AMY: Fifteen years ago I met a woman in an online chat room. *Three years ago I found her again via a chat app and we picked up right where we left off. We used video chat to finally see each other and were like giddy teenagers.

Parents worry about visit by drug-addicted daughter

DEAR AMY: My stepdaughter is 24. She and her husband have struggled with meth addiction and she is currently clean and away from him.

Woman confused by man's attempt to court her

DEAR AMY: I've been "seeing" this guy for three months. We had a first kiss several weeks after starting to go out. He always takes me out to dinner, and we go on dates -- like bike riding and going to the park.

Grieving woman deals with cowardly father-in-law

DEAR AMY: A few months ago my father passed away unexpectedly, and when it came time for the funeral, my father-in-law asked my husband if it was OK if he and his girlfriend skipped the service because they had plans to go away with friends.

Wife vents about her day. Husband hates it

DEAR AMY: My wife has two part-time jobs. I'm concerned about what happens when she gets home. I feel that this is truly none of my business.

Woman has second thoughts about agreeing to marriage

DEAR AMY: My fiance is wonderful, but I feel I said "yes" to marriage, when sometimes it feels like a "no." I don't feel a great sense of intimacy -- he communicates on one level and I'd like to experience it on another.

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