Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg is one of the most prominent conservative journalists today. His column, syndicated by Tribune Media Services, offers shrewd analysis on a wide range of subjects, from political philosophy and economic trends to popular culture, with an entertaining writing style that speaks to a whole new generation.

With keen wit and hard-hitting insight, Goldberg brings a fresh perspective to the typical right-left debate, by rejecting party lines, talking points and stale clichés. He is the 2001 winner of the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award.

Goldberg's columns and articles have rapidly generated a large readership. A member of the USA Today Board of Contributors, Goldberg is a contributing editor for National Review and founding editor of "National Review Online." He is a former columnist and contributing editor for Brill's Content and former media critic for The American Enterprise. He also served as Washington columnist for the Times of London. Goldberg has written about politics and culture for the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, Worth, Commentary, the Public Interest, the Claremont Review of Books, the Wilson Quarterly, the Weekly Standard, Slate,, New York Post, Women's Quarterly and Food and Wine.

Goldberg has appeared on "Good Morning America," "Larry King Live," "Today," "Nightline," "Hardball with Chris Matthews," "Politically Incorrect," "Special Report with Brit Hume," "Geraldo," "NBC Nightly News" and numerous other television and radio programs. He was senior producer of the award-winning series "Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg" on PBS. He has written and produced several PBS documentaries and specials.


Jonah Goldberg Samples

GOP's Trump problem will fade, but Democrats' Bernie Sanders troubles are just beginning

"We are trying to be reasonable," an organizer for Bernie Sanders' Seattle rally said. The black female protesters who stormed the stage became enraged.

Peter Schramm: 'You Americans invented freedom

Peter Schramm has died. I knew it was coming. It was an attitude he inherited from his father. The Nazis were lining him up to be shot when the Allies unleashed the arsenal of democracy.

Sanders and Trump: Two peas in a pod?

A new chapter in American politics has begun. Millions of Americans on the right and left have lost faith in their political parties, their government and even the economic system.

Will computer equipment take the fall for Hillary?

It happened sooner than even the doomsayers predicted. This breakthrough didn't happen in Silicon Valley or at MIT. Clinton's critics say a lot of things about her, but who would've believed she was Skynet's mother? A little background.

Defunding Planned Parenthood not the same as repealing the right to abortion

The GOP-controlled Congress is taking up the cause, once again, of defunding Planned Parenthood. There's less of a debate that the videos speak directly to the ugly nature of second-trimester abortions.

How to kill the summer job

I had a lot of summer jobs. Truth be told, all I wanted out of most of these gigs was beer money. These early part-time or temporary jobs teach young people to manage money. Basically, working teaches young people how to work.

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