Joyce Lain Kennedy

Joyce Lain Kennedy

Joyce Lain Kennedy, author of the nationally syndicated "Careers Now" column, has been an expert in the employment field for nearly four decades. She is the original careers columnist in syndication and her work is now distributed twice weekly by Tribune Media Services.

Kennedy estimates she has received more than 3.5 million letters from readers and has answered more than 5,500 queries in her columns since 1968. The vast majority of her reader mail now comes by e-mail to Kennedy at her Web site, Her advice on jobs and career management issues addresses the problems experienced by virtually all working people: job search, layoff, discrimination, specialization, keeping up with technology in the workplace and networking both on land and online.

She began her writing career by offering advice to teenagers and young adults before broadening the scope of her column, which now relates to all ages. Kennedy is the bestselling author of seven career guides, including "Resumés for Dummies," "Cover Letters for Dummies" and "Job Interviewing for Dummies."

A former resident of Washington, D.C., and New York, Kennedy grew up in St. Louis, and earned a business administration degree from Washington University. She now resides in a suburb of San Diego.

Joyce Lain Kennedy Samples

When your boss is bad news, quit

DEAR JOYCE: I am involved in a newly formed volunteer organization. However, the founder has little experience in leadership roles or organizational politics.

Good news for 2015 college grads

DEAR JOYCE: I'll get my IT degree in five months but have already been offered employment. Surprise! WHO'S HOT, WHO'S NOT.

So you want to try freelance writing

DEAR JOYCE: I'm taking early retirement and would like to look into freelance writing. Your ever-popular question of how to become a freelance writer is being answered by an expanding universe of websites.

New: Your free personal website can boost career success

DEAR JOYCE: I've heard about personal websites being used as a job search tool. Short answer: yes.

Think before falling for top recruiter fibs

DEAR JOYCE: A recruiter sent me to an interview for a good job, which I didn't get. Who knows? Google an eye-opener: "The Top Recruiter Lies!" by recruiter Tim Sackett, SPHR. DEAR JOYCE: I took a new job 10 months ago through a recruiter.

Five fast tips to improve your resume today

DEAR JOYCE: I'm rewriting my resume to look for a new employer. I shared your popular request with two of the world's ace resume stars -- Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark. Here are five 2015 tips from Enelow and Kursmark: 1) Get out your red pencil.

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