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Jules Witcover

Jules Witcover has reported and analyzed the news from Washington and around the country for more than half a century. His column, "Politics Today," is syndicated by Tribune Media Services.

As a reporter and columnist, Witcover offers a candid examination of national politics and American foreign policy. He has covered every presidential campaign and national political convention since the early 1960s, has written a dozen books and co-authored five others on politics and history, including "No Way to Pick a President" and "Party of the People: A History of the Democrats." His latest book is "Very Strange Bedfellows: The Short and Unhappy Marriage of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew."

Witcover was among the first columnists to question the rationales for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a year before it occurred, and since the Democratic takeover of Congress, he has called on the new majority to take more aggressive steps to end the war, and to challenge President Bush's efforts to extend executive power in wartime.   

He is a winner of the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Washington Correspondence from Society of Professional Journalists. He lives with his wife in Washington, D.C.

Jules Witcover Samples

Jeb Bush: A sacrificial lamb?

WASHINGTON -- Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, ridiculed by Donald Trump as a "low-energy" candidate, is finally taking up the challenge in an effort to revive his lagging presidential campaign.

Old polling numbers unjustly hold Fiorina out of primetime debate

WASHINGTON -- Pity poor Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard business tycoon who stole the show in the undercard Republican presidential debate last month with a tough, aggressive performance that was judged then a sure ticket to the next mai...

The reselling of Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON -- Seven years ago, 2008 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, in a New Hampshire primary debate, was asked about her personal appeal.

Trump urges GOP toward anti-immigration death wish

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump is fast becoming a sort of villainous Pied Piper, tooting the 2016 Republican presidential mice behind him over a precipice to political suicide.

Does Kasich herald the return of compassionate conservatism?

WASHINGTON -- As much of the Republican faithful look for a 2016 presidential nominee not named Trump, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio is rising in the polls with a message that the previous GOP president peddled with success in the 2000 election.

Republican field searches for a way to trump Donald

WASHINGTON -- Not since basketball superstar LeBron James returned to Cleveland has the city once known as the Mistake on the Lake drawn as much national attention as it has for tomorrow's Republican presidential debate.

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