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Kim Casali created "Love Is..." back in the late 1960s when she drew the little pictures as love notes for her husband-to-be, Roberto. Her illustrations were then revealed to the rest of the world when they were first syndicated in 1970. Since his mother's death in June 1997, Stefano Casali has maintained his mother's legacy of the beloved comic panel.

Born in Wimbledon near London, Casali has spent most of his life in the U.K. After graduation from university, he began a full-time job at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in London where he worked on Gillette, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung. Three years later, he went from the sublime at Saatchis to the silly while working on the McDonald's account at Leo Burnett in London.

After the death of his mother, he joined Minikim (named after his mother) and assumed full control of "Love Is..." while maintaining his advertising job in tandem. Since September 1999, he has been dedicated to the feature full-time, working with artist Bill Asprey, who continues to draw the charming little cartoons.

Born in India, and after traveling the world, Bill Asprey established himself as an artist and cartoonist in London. His work has been published in all the major UK newspapers and magazines, including Punch and Mr. Hugh Hefner's Playboy Publications Inc. In collaboration with journalist Brian Lee, Bill Asprey created the cartoon strip "The Big Friendly Giant," based on Roald Dahl's best selling book. Bill also designed an acclaimed wedding souvenir to commemorate the marriage of The Prince of Wales to Princess Diana and he is the founder/creator of Cartoon World the Internet organization that promotes cartoon art and helps aspiring cartoonists, worldwide.

Working with Kim, Bill created a special "Love is..." color strip, which ran in the UK's Mail on Sunday every weekend. They also worked together on merchandising designs for numerous "Love is..." licensees, worldwide. It was a unique professional relationship, which lasted until Kim's death and continues with her son Stefano Casali. Bill has now been drawing the daily black & white syndicated panels for more than three decades.

Casali said, "It was a great change going from working in big advertising companies to working for myself in a considerably smaller operation, but I would not want to return to the former for all the tea in China."

Today "Love Is..." is a favorite for millions of loyal readers around the world.

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