Rex Huppke, Chicago Tribune columnist

Rex Huppke

Huppke began his career as a chemical engineer, but soon decided that making money wasn’t for him. Journalism seemed a reasonable path to poverty and, after earning a master’s degree from the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism, he launched his career working for the Associated Press in Indiana. Huppke wandered the state telling stories of national interest, and was one of ten media witnesses to the 2001 execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

In 2003, he joined the staff of the Chicago Tribune, writing about everything from gang violence and inner-city poverty to the glory of competitive arm wrestling and a southern Illinois town famous for its albino squirrels. His reporting and writing always honed in on the humanity of his subjects, feeding a passion for social justice and a relentless desire to speak for those whose voices often went unheard.

As he transitioned to column writing, Huppke found his penchant for humor an effective way of delivering opinions. In 2012, Huppke wrote a satirical obituary for facts: “Facts died Wednesday, April 18, after a long battle for relevancy with the 24-hour news cycle, blogs and the Internet.” That column was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 opinion pieces of the year.

He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife, two sons and a 95-pound dog that he believes may be part cow.

Rex Huppke Samples

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