Steve Dale

Steve Dale

Steve Dale, author of the syndicated "My Pet World" column, is widely known as the "Ann Landers of the pet world," offering animal lovers of all kinds the latest news and information on their furry, feathered and scaled companions.

Dale draws on the expertise of experts from around the country to produce his weekly Q&A, which delves into everything from the proper care and feeding of iguanas to feline litter box habits and Prozac for pets. His weekly feature column puts Dale's journalism skills to work covering developments and events of the day that affect pets and their owners.

In 2003, Dale received the Dog Writers Association of America's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award for exemplary conduct, public communication, professional excellence, promoting excellent in the sport of dogs and extraordinary achievement. In 2002, Dale won the American Veterinary Medical Association's prestigious Humane Award, the only AVMA award presented to a non-veterinarian. In 2001, "My Pet World" received Editor and Publisher magazine's first annual Feature of the Year Award, special feature category. Dale has also captured several awards from the Dog Writers Association and the Cat Writers Association. He was named Columnist of the Year for the Cat Writers' Association in 1998, and the Anti-Cruelty Society chose him as Chicago Media Person of the Year for 1997.

Dale is also host of the weekly radio program, "Pet Central," on Chicago's WGN Radio 720, senior columnist for "PetLife," and author of "DogGone Chicago: Sniffing Out The Best Places To Take Your Best Friend" and "American Zoos." He has appeared on PBS "Pets: Part of the Family," and has served as guest "pet expert" on radio and television around the country, including appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," WGN-TV, the Fox News Channel and "Animal Planet." He has spoken at numerous pet conferences.

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