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Ask Amy: Advice for the real world

In the tradition of the great personal advice columnists, the Chicago Tribune's Dickinson is a plainspoken straight shooter who relates to readers of all ages. She answers personal questions by addressing issues from both her head and her heart. A solid reporter, Dickinson researches her topics to provide readers with informed opinions and answers.

Ask Amy: Advice for the real world Samples

Statute of limitations on dating a friend's ex has passed

DEAR AMY: My best friend of 35 years dated a guy for over a year -- over 10 years ago. Recently his ex found me online, and we started chatting. It seems this could lead to a date.

How to heal after an affair? Apologize, to start

DEAR AMY: My husband of 34 years had an affair with a co-worker, lasting for a year. With the aid of a therapist, I confronted him, and he said the whole affair was a terrible idea, and that he wanted our marriage to stay together.

Foster parents struggle with questions after loss

DEAR AMY: My husband and I have been foster parents to a sibling group of three young children for the past year and a half.

Breakup paves bumpy path for devastated man

DEAR AMY: I am in my 30s. I spent two months in excruciating pain. During this whole transition phase, I started reading online articles about "how to get over your ex." I started working out again and am now in pretty good shape.

Husband's habit puts marriage at risk

DEAR AMY: I have been married for almost 10 years and have caught my husband with various forms of pornography. I say he is cheating; he says he's done nothing wrong. Who's right?

Blended family experience is not a smoothie

DEAR AMY: My husband has two children from a previous marriage. Recently my husband decided it would be a good idea to take only his children away on a vacation.

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