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Ask Amy: Advice for the real world

In the tradition of the great personal advice columnists, the Chicago Tribune's Dickinson is a plainspoken straight shooter who relates to readers of all ages. She answers personal questions by addressing issues from both her head and her heart. A solid reporter, Dickinson researches her topics to provide readers with informed opinions and answers.

Ask Amy: Advice for the real world Samples

Daughter does not 'heart' anniversary gift

DEAR AMY: For my first wedding anniversary, my mom got us a crystal paperweight in the shape of a heart. My mom is a keepsake person; we are not. On the phone I thanked my mom for the gift and said it was lovely that we appreciated the gift.

Boyfriend hits harasser, girlfriend not pleased

DEAR AMY: I have been dating a great lady for about five months now. As we were leaving, my girlfriend said she wanted to tell me something but wanted to wait until after we separated from the couple.

Someone in the family will have to wear 'big girl pants'

DEAR AMY: I have been divorced since 2010, separated since 2006. My ex and I barely tolerate each other. I have expressed that I do not want him at family dinners. I hid much of his bad behavior from them during the marriage.

Uncle at wedding? They'd rather elope

DEAR AMY: I have a wonderful boyfriend who is kind, understanding and shares my values. We work at a nonprofit medical center. The problem is that we've not even begun planning our wedding and I'm already begging to elope.

Hotel maid receives great tip from guest

DEAR AMY: This summer my 21-year-old daughter has been working as a hotel maid. I appreciate the father's desire to encourage his son to continue his education, but I am appalled by the lack of respect for a working person.

He doesn't text fast, so she should go on a text fast

DEAR AMY: My boyfriend and I are leaving soon to go to different colleges. The thing is -- I am scared! I trust him, but he cannot communicate well. Sometimes he takes hours to text me back, unless I end my text with a question mark.

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