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Jill on Money

Jill Schlesinger, Certified Financial Planner® and CBS News Senior Business Analyst, draws on her career as an investment advisor to prepare readers for creating future optoins for themselves and their families--and for having fun along the way. Schlesinger also welcomes questions from readers.

Jill on Money Samples

Your financial questions for spring, answered

It's time for a spring-cleaning of the in-box. Question: My mother recently passed away and instead of naming me and my siblings as individual beneficiaries of her IRA account, she named "The Estate of ..."

The fallacy of Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month and to mark the occasion, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling released a new survey about our money habits and our feelings about our financial lives. In other words, we stink at this money stuff.

The retirement confidence survey and what it means

The 2014 Employee Benefit Research Institute Retirement Confidence Survey is out and the news is mixed. Nearly two-thirds of all workers -- and 79 percent of full time workers -- have saved for retirement. Why don't we save more?

Investment advice for small investors

I have been fielding a number of questions lately that go something like this: "I have just retired/I am just starting out and need help with managing my money, but it doesn't seem like most brokers or advisors want to work with smaller clients.

Savers and a grim outlook

Exactly two years ago, I wrote a column titled "Coping in a low interest world".

Estate settlement, part 2: transitions

Last year, about two weeks after my father died, I wrote about the process of settling an estate. The experience has been sobering -- I have been like the doctor who suddenly becomes a patient.

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