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Jill on Money

Jill Schlesinger, Certified Financial Planner® and CBS News Senior Business Analyst, draws on her career as an investment advisor to prepare readers for creating future optoins for themselves and their families--and for having fun along the way. Schlesinger also welcomes questions from readers.

Jill on Money Samples

Deflation is just a recession away

Since the Great Recession, the Federal Reserve has worked hard to boost the economy.

Experts highlight top threats to investors in 2015

The North American Securities Administrators Association and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority have both issued annual reports identifying the top threats investors are likely to face in 2015.

Economic crystal ball

It may be futile to try to predict the future, but it is January, so here are some guesstimates for what might happen in 2015.

New Year's financial resolutions

The practice of making resolutions for the New Year has been traced to the ancient Babylonians who, more than 4,000 years ago, made promises so that they would stay on the good side of the gods and start the year off on the right foot.

How to talk to parents about money

As families come together for the holidays, the last thing anyone may be thinking is, "Gee, I should talk to my folks about their financial situation!"

8 year-end tax planning tips

Before you shut down for the holidays, remember that just a few hours spent reviewing your financial life may help boost your bottom line -- and put a dent in your holiday shopping bills! 1. Sell winners in taxable accounts. 2. Sell losers.

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