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Andy Rooney

Rooney, the legendary "60 Minutes" commentator, offers wry observations on everything from big business and politics to the frustrations of everyday life.

Andy Rooney Samples

Unfortunately, it's time to change clothes

It's time to change clothes, I guess. This morning, out of habit, I put on a light topcoat when I left the house. People were sitting on steps, on walls and on benches all over town, eating their lunches out of paper bags.

The best of Andy Rooney: Look out! The grass is coming

The grass is just sitting there, looking benign now with the residue of dead branches and junk left on it when the snow melted. Already there are splotches of dark green showing.

The best of Andy Rooney: I'm much too busy to die

Whether living longer is good or bad was the subject of a conference of scientists, social philosophers and theologians in Philadelphia recently.

The best of Andy Rooney: Leaving town on a rail has its advantages

No matter where we are, we want to go someplace else. Our roads are often so jammed with cars and trucks that we inch our way along from home to work, or to what we know will be a vacation paradise -- if we can ever get there.

The Best of Andy Rooney: Being rich is definitely better

Because most of us aren't rich or don't even have as much money as we'd like to have, it's common for us to console ourselves with the idea that money can't buy happiness.

The best of Andy Rooney: Whither the weather?

Don't mention it to anyone in Buffalo because they just got two feet of snow on top of the foot they already had, but temperatures on Earth are rising.

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