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Our Poker column puts readers in touch with the experts for the thinking behind the trickiest and most challenging poker hands. World Poker Tour (WPT) professional and television analyst Tony Dunst, along with other WPT players, break down the tactics and strategy used by some of the most prominent players in the world.

Poker Samples

If at first you don't succeed ... keep bluffing

One of the things that separate professional poker players from amateurs is risk tolerance. Professional players, on the other hand, learn to be risk-seeking. This hand from a $5-$10 cash game at the Aria in Las Vegas illustrates this principle.

Every poker player has a bad beat story

Spend a minute with a poker player and there's a good chance you'll hear a bad beat story. As both a poker player and a tournament reporter for PokerNews, I've either experienced or witnessed every bad beat under the sun.

Making an optimistic call in Malta

I recently traveled to Malta to play the European Poker Tour events. With blinds at 200-400 with a 50 ante, I raised to 1,000 out of my 50,000 stack with Qd Jd from the cutoff seat. The flop came Kc 10c 4c. The turn was the Qs.

There's as much to learn from victories as defeats

Our negative experiences weigh more and endure longer than their positive counterparts. Perhaps the most important lesson that comes from studying one's winning hands is to never leave an opponent holding a chip that he would have lost to you.

Don't write off a lowly pair of deuces

The Mid-States Poker Tour rolled through Colorado recently, and I made my obligatory donations to the prize pools. Blinds were 200-400 with an ante of 50. Four of us saw a flop of 9s 7h 2c. The turn was the 9c.

Making consonant decisions at the poker table

Sometimes you find poker wisdom in unlikely places. It's easy to see how such decisions relate to dieting, but is the concept of consonant decision-making really applicable to poker?

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