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Mary Sanchez

Mary Sanchez is a dogged reporter and compelling writer who examines the cultural changes sweeping America. Sanchez, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, believes that "true culture is so much deeper" than language or location. That's what Mary Sanchez will deliver to your paper-the Latina voice you've been seeking.

Mary Sanchez Samples

Pragmatism, not emotion, must guide Cuba policy

"With all due respect." Their emotions run deep, an indication of the decades of loss and hardship they and their parents experienced as exiles making a new life in a foreign land.

Looking beyond the hype to see domestic and sexual violence

Congratulations, America. We seem to be moving beyond the need for the perfect victim. Significant steps are beginning to be made toward preventing assaults and trying more cases.

We must not let Mexico become a failed state

Mass protests have blocked highways, overtaken town squares and disrupted government buildings.

Underlying causes of Ferguson need to be addressed

Missouri is the Show-Me State. It says so right on our license plates. Very different qualities have been on display lately. We're a national embarrassment.

The moral wisdom of Obama's executive action

President Obama began his immigration speech to the nation with a lie, then alternated between appeasing and taunting his critics, and wrapped up with a poetic truth. Not bad for a 15-minute speech.

The fire next time ... may engulf Ferguson

By every indication -- from both the street and civic offices -- Ferguson, Missouri is expected to blow.

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