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Mary Sanchez

Mary Sanchez is a dogged reporter and compelling writer who examines the cultural changes sweeping America. Sanchez, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, believes that "true culture is so much deeper" than language or location. That's what Mary Sanchez will deliver to your paper-the Latina voice you've been seeking.

Mary Sanchez Samples

Border obsession overlooks the promise of trade with Mexico

Texas Gov. Rick Perry made headlines recently by ordering 1,000 National Guard troops to the border. Perry's posturing here is dimwitted on several counts.

Let's treat gun safety as a public health issue

Common sense would seem to suggest the latter. Nevertheless, in 14 states and the District of Columbia the number of gun fatalities has overtaken the number of road deaths, and the rest of the nation appears on track to follow suit.

Don't politicize the plight of the kids at the border

Character asserts itself in times of crisis. Tens of thousands of Central American children are passing through Mexico into the United States and presenting themselves to immigration officials, with the hope of staying.

The immigrant saga, played out on a soccer field in the South

The story of Los Jets is quintessentially American. A small-town high school team, cobbled together of outcast and underdog students, struggles to overcome obstacles put in its way by unsympathetic officials and community naysayers.

New role for Geena Davis: Setting Hollywood straight on gender

Google Geena Davis and up pops the pose that established her as half of the "first selfie." The photo, and the movie's recent ranking among Hollywood's 100 favorite films, has the actor in the news.

For sports teams, there is life after dropping offensive mascots

Daniel M. Snyder, the beleaguered owner of Washington's National Football League franchise, had a setback this week when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office deemed the team's name trademark "disparaging" and therefore unworthy of protection.

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