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Clarence Page

A Chicago Tribune columnist and editorial board member, Page personalizes the issues. He writes with clarity and compassion about topics that strike at America's core, be it politics, affirmative action, educational opportunities, or race and multiculturalism.

Clarence Page Samples

Trump vs. Ramos: A clash of icons

Donald Trump, who famously scoffs at "political correctness," can climb as far up on his high horse as anybody else when someone is impolite to him.

Trump, Sanders managing political angers

The farther the left and right wings in politics move toward opposite extremes, an old saying goes, the more they resemble each other.

Why Obama freed his inner 'Kenyan'

It must make the birthers' heads explode to hear President Barack Obama ridicule the ridiculous charge that he is a secret Kenyan.

The dubious origins of Trump's immigration scheme

Viewed through the lens of America's civil rights history, Donald Trump's new call to repeal birthright citizenship chimes with an ominous ring. Spoiler alert: It sounds like racism.

Trump thumps himself

As if we did not already know it before Fox News' Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, Donald Trump can dish out barbs against other people, but he can't take 'em. "The questions to me were far tougher," he told reporters after the debate.

Explaining the audacity of Trump

Debating Donald Trump is like boxing with smoke. Take, for example, his recent slap at President Barack Obama's legacy. "I think that he has set a very poor standard," Trump said.

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