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Clarence Page

A Chicago Tribune columnist and editorial board member, Page personalizes the issues. He writes with clarity and compassion about topics that strike at America's core, be it politics, affirmative action, educational opportunities, or race and multiculturalism.

Clarence Page Samples

When Ebola turns to 'fearbola'

We must pay attention to the mistakes of history, some wise person once said, so we can do a better job of making them in the future.

Obama's second-term slide mostly about us, not him

As President Barack Obama heads into the final half of his final term, many of us Americans wonder whatever happened to the fresh promise of that cheerfully charismatic optimist who dominated the political stage back in 2008.

Fear of new 'collard' people

Collard greens are "the new kale?" Gentrification, simply defined, is when something that you used to buy because it was cheap suddenly turns so fashionable that it is too expensive for its original consumers to afford.

Keep calm and fight Ebola

Sometimes it's hard to tell which is more terrifying: Ebola or the commentary about it.

Small town tyrannies preserve race inequities

What a disappointment. The St. Louis County Election Board now says only 128 new people registered. That's still good news for democracy, although not as much as I hoped.

Obama's flawed guardians

Let's hope Secret Service snafus don't spark even more attackers -- or maybe I'm being paranoid.

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