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Clarence Page

A Chicago Tribune columnist and editorial board member, Page personalizes the issues. He writes with clarity and compassion about topics that strike at America's core, be it politics, affirmative action, educational opportunities, or race and multiculturalism.

Clarence Page Samples

Poverty snobs and 'bread bag' politics

During her live, nationally televised Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, Sen. Joni Ernst inserted a cute story from her childhood that seemed to offer everything a homespun narrative should offer -- except ...

How speech rights went wrong in France

For some Americans, France can seem like a trip back in time, not always in a good way.

Nigeria lives matter, so should Nigeria news

Why should the world care about Nigeria more than its own president does? That sounds harsh, but it expresses a painful truth. Guess which catastrophe drew more of the world's attention. Why the difference?

France needs a better 'melting pot'

In the language of headline writers, he is "Muslim Man," hailed as a hero for hiding hostages during last week's terrorist attacks by Muslim fanatics in France.

Sorry, I am not 'Charlie'

Je ne suis pas Charlie. I am not Charlie, although they have my sympathies and support.

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