David Horsey, editorial cartoonist and essayist

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  • Frequency: 3/wk
  • Release date: Varies
  • Moves with art: Yes
  • Moves with multimedia: No
  • Available: International, U.S. & Canada

David Horsey

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey is known for his cartoons' biting satire and clever allusions to contemporary culture, as well as for his supreme talent as an artist and draftsman. He also happens to be a subtle and accomplished essayist.

David's political cartoon feature is unique, as it moves alongside a short essay about the subject. Not an explanation of the cartoon, the essay is instead a complementary meditation, delving a little deeper and sometimes following a different thread of keen political satire. The combined effect of the cartoon and essay is a powerful and thought-provoking exposition of a major issue of the day, and a valuable addition to any editorial page.

Horsey's feature is not available to be published in markets in the state of California.

His editorial cartoons are distributed as part of the TMS Editorial Cartoon Service.

David Horsey Samples

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What happens if Supreme Court throws out the baby, too?

It’s no surprise that professional pundits are shocked that the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority appears ready to toss out the entire federal health care plan — the plan Republicans delight in calling “Obamacare.” Self-proclaimed experts are often wrong, though that does not slow down their relentless prognostications and chatter.

And it will be no surprise that conservatives who decry judicial activism will cheer the justices if they choose to engage in decidedly bold judicial activism by nullifying a major piece of legislation passed and approved by democratically elected members of the legislative and executive branches of government. (And, yes, it qualifies as activism if, for the first time since 1936, a major federal regulatory law is killed by the court.) ...

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