The God Squad - Marc Gellman

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The God Squad

The God Squad is not your average advice column. Rabbi Marc Gellman employs his years of religious and philosophical study and experience to answer reader questions on topical and spiritual issues, from interfaith marriage to news events. He also draws on the expertise of numerous advisors to offer authentic insights on the rich palette of faiths in America. Gellman writes in a lively, non-preachy style that speaks directly to readers. Special holiday messages.

The God Squad Samples

Jews are justifiable worried about their declining numbers

Q: What's the big deal about marrying "in the faith" with Jews? Being from the South, "interracial" marriage to me brings to mind unions between members of the Caucasian and black races.

Unfortunately, not all fledglings learn to fly

Q: Despite our very best parenting and excellent, intense professional psychological treatment since age 5, our son continues to lie, steal, manipulate, cheat and have no empathy for those he hurts. A: May God comfort you both.

Helping victims of disasters keeps our hearts open

Q: Most Americans end each day with three good meals under our belts and a solid roof over our heads. A: The massive April 25 earthquake near Katmandu killed thousands of people, with many thousands more injured, homeless, starving and cold.

Problems and mysteries demand very different responses

Q: Does God want me to have cancer? The pain of being a doctor led me on a spiritual path. A: Thank you for your question, my friend and teacher, Dr. B. How we get cancer is a problem.

You can thank Aristotle for the concept of the soul's life after death

Q: I've always thought that in the last few hundred years of the Old Testament, those of the Jewish faith recognized the resurrection and afterlife of the soul.

Shepherds and sheep need to work together for the sake of the whole flock

Q: When the current pastor arrived, our Catholic parish was a vibrant, singing community. To our amazement, we received a letter back from the pastor calling us liars and saying we were trying to scandalize him with false allegations.

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