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The God Squad

The God Squad is not your average advice column. Rabbi Marc Gellman employs his years of religious and philosophical study and experience to answer reader questions on topical and spiritual issues, from interfaith marriage to news events. He also draws on the expertise of numerous advisors to offer authentic insights on the rich palette of faiths in America. Gellman writes in a lively, non-preachy style that speaks directly to readers. Special holiday messages.

The God Squad Samples

Shepherds and sheep need to work together for the sake of the whole flock

Q: When the current pastor arrived, our Catholic parish was a vibrant, singing community. To our amazement, we received a letter back from the pastor calling us liars and saying we were trying to scandalize him with false allegations.

Alas, in this season of hope, salvation and renewal, evil remains very real

Recently, I received some timely questions recently regarding the biblical Exodus from Egypt and the vexing problem of Pharaoh's "hardened heart." Q: During the Passover celebration, in the prayer book at our table there was a phrase: "...

You can only see the Messiah with the eyes of faith

Q: At this time of year, I love to watch TV shows about the Bible, and a recent program sparked some questions.

Passover and Easter are both celebrations of hope and transformation

Passover and Good Friday fall on the same day this year, and Easter Sunday and the second day of Passover are also on the same day. The close proximity of Passover and Easter on the calendar is no accident.

In the vegetarian vs. meat-eating debate, there's no one-way-or-the highway position

My recent column on vegetarianism touched a vein among many readers. To these readers, I say again that I believe they tread the higher road, but it's not the only path.

Friendships can defeat terrorism

Q: When I was young, I remember saying prayers after mass each Sunday for the "conversion of Russia." It occurs to me that we all need to start praying again -- this time for an end to all forms of terrorism.

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