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The God Squad

The God Squad is not your average advice column. Rabbi Marc Gellman employs his years of religious and philosophical study and experience to answer reader questions on topical and spiritual issues, from interfaith marriage to news events. He also draws on the expertise of numerous advisors to offer authentic insights on the rich palette of faiths in America. Gellman writes in a lively, non-preachy style that speaks directly to readers. Special holiday messages.

The God Squad Samples

People cope with impending death in different ways

Q: My dear cousin has confided in me that she has terminal cancer, but she hasn't told her family. A: The fundamental moral belief about illness is that such knowledge conveyed by a doctor belongs to the patient and to no one else.

That 'minister' at the wedding sure looked like my insurance guy

Here's a smattering of out-of-the ordinary questions from readers: Q: What are the qualifications to marry people? A: I had to register my credentials as a rabbi with the state some 30 years ago.

Let's agree to disagree on childless marriage

Q: What's your opinion about recent statements by Pope Francis imploring married couples to have children or they will be bitter and lonely in old age?

Baptism is not a ticket to receive the sacraments of all Christian churches

Q: I'm an avid reader and fan of your column and follow it in our local paper, the Patriot-News. I was raised in the United Methodist Church, and still feel strongly connected to that belief system, which is why I haven't converted to Catholicism.

Prayers for the sick help both caregiver and patient

Q: I have a job where I'm exposed to much sadness. While I was at Mass recently, I started to wonder if the prayers I say each day really do any good.

Organized religion may neglect singles, but God is still in your corner

Q: I notice that organized religion is aimed at families and married couples. I'm in my 50s and have had several serious relationships but they've all fallen apart before marriage.

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