Word Puzzles

Boggle® BrainBustersTM

Boggle BrainBusters is a quick brain jolt that will forever change the way you look at letters. It features a dynamic word grid and challenges readers on many levels. The words are right there-all you have to do is find them. Players scan the grid for words of three letters or more. They can play against themselves, friends or find words using trivia clues. Fun for readers of all ages.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada


SCRABBLEgrams combines anagrams and crosswords in a quick-play game format suitable for any skill level. SCRABBLEgrams is also an innovative teaching tool that builds vocabulary skills. This exciting game is based on the popular SCRABBLE(r) board game played by millions of people around the world. Great Newspapers in Education content.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

Word Salsa

Word Salsa is a one-of-a-kind mix that will spice up your paper. This unique multilingual word search features English words and their Spanish equivalents. Weekly themes make Word Salsa a favorite among those learning English or Spanish as well as bilingual readers. Every Word Salsa includes instructions in both English and Spanish, so it's an ideal choice for publications in either language.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

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