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ABC News Service (Madrid)

This news service provides in-depth articles, commentary and features on news, society, religion, the arts and economics. ABC Newspaper, Spain's national newspaper, has a daily circulation of 300,000 with 11 editions-making it the second-largest daily in Spain. The newspaper is based in Madrid with regional bureaus in Seville and Barcelona. Choose from ABC News, ABC Graphics or ABC Photos. Moves with art. Available in Spanish only.

Available: International

Gannett Graphics Network

Graphics draw readers into the story by presenting detailed information in a visually compelling way. Gannett Graphics Network offers related content for breaking news, national and international news, sports, technology, business and lifestyle stories. Subscribers receive 500 informational graphics each month, access 50,000 charts, illustrations, maps, diagrams and other graphics in a searchable online index. Artwork is available in color and black & white. Downloadable graphics in .jpg format. Created in FreeHand for print use.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

Gannett News Service

Founded in 1943, this daily news service provides 2,000 monthly stories that cover the editorial spectrum. Subscribers receive international, national, state, sports, business and lifestyle stories from bureaus in countries around the world. The service also includes 30 special-interest columns. Contributors include USA TODAY, the Arizona Republic, the Des Moines Register, the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle, the Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.) and the Cincinnati Enquirer. Moves with art.

Available: U.S. & Canada

Gannett Photo Network

Photojournalists from USA TODAY and other contributors provide compelling images from around the world. It's everything you need to visually enhance news and feature stories from the Gannett News Service, AP or local writers. Subscribers receive 500 photos each month for print or Web use, 14 days of live photos and access to a searchable online archive of more than 34,000 pictures. Downloadable photos are available in .jpg format.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

Kiplinger Consumer News Service

Whether planning a backyard wedding or shopping for the best mutual funds, daily life is full of financial decisions and dilemmas. All of the wisdom of the Kiplinger publishing group is available as a consumer news service to help readers navigate the basics of personal finance--investing, saving, retirement planning, travel, real estate, autos, entertainment, food, careers, health, home technology and more. The service supplies hundreds of reader-friendly articles, interviews, case studies, Q&A's and other features from the renowned Kiplinger newsletters, magazines, special reports and website.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

Los Angeles Times World Report

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times defines journalistic excellence. Veteran reporters in its extensive foreign bureaus-from London to Beijing-provide thorough reporting and groundbreaking commentary on topics of global importance, from human rights, famine and health to lighter topics, such as traffic and entertainment. Paginated pages. Moves with art.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

MCT Elements Package

MCT's Elements Package of stories and visuals appeal to specific demographic groups on topics such as fashion, entertaining, consumer tips, outdoor recreation, and love and relationships, as well as content for kids, teens and young adults.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

MCT Faces in the News

Every week, Faces in the News provides a new caricature of someone in the headlines. The Faces archive includes more than 1,200 politicians, celebrities, athletes and business executives in a searchable online database. Electronic files can easily be enlarged or reduced.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

MCT Illustrations

Add visual variety to your stories with a selection of at least 40 new illustrations each month. Our keyword-searchable archive contains more than 8,300 illustrations to help editors find just the right piece to anchor any section of their publication. Electronic files can easily be enlarged or reduced.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

MCT InfoConnect

InfoConnect gives e-publishers a valuable content resource to help audiences better understand world events as they directly impact the market. MCT gathers news and images from top newspapers and other media organizations to provide you with a portfolio of services.

Available: International, U.S. & Canada

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TMS Licensing: We license popular cartoon characters, puzzles and content from renowned creators for print, interactive, TV and film, mobile and board games. TMS also licenses unique commentary in politics, travel, health, business and other categories.

TMS reprints: We grant websites, newsletters, books and other publications permission to reprint any of the 150-plus columns, cartoons, magazine articles, photos and graphics found in our catalog. This content also can be used in corporate communications and training materials.