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Gannett News Service

Founded in 1943, this daily news service provides 2,000 monthly stories that cover the editorial spectrum. Subscribers receive international, national, state, sports, business and lifestyle stories from bureaus in countries around the world. The service also includes
30 special-interest columns. Contributors include USA TODAY, the Arizona Republic, the Des Moines Register, the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle, the Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.) and the Cincinnati Enquirer. Moves with art.

Gannett News Service Samples

Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY [Water main break floods UCLA campus]: Water main break floods UCLA campus

Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY. LOS ANGELES -- A 93-year-old water main broke above the campus of the University of California-Los Angeles, sending a torrent raging through parking structures and athletic facilities.

Jarrett Bell [Rams rookie Sam is all about football now]: Rams rookie Sam is all about football now

Jarrett Bell. @JarrettBell. USA TODAY Sports. earth city, mo. Michael Sam is surely a man with a message.

Brian Truitt [Rocket and Groot are out of this world]: Rocket and Groot are out of this world

Brian Truitt. @briantruitt. USA TODAY. This summer's hottest -- and oddest -- cinematic couple is a sarcastic talking raccoon and his alien tree buddy.

Patrick Ryan [Thicke weathers]: Thicke weathers

Patrick Ryan. @PatRyanWrites. USA TODAY. One fizzled marriage and scores of bad press later, Robin Thicke's future in music is just as hazy as the Blurred Lines that made him famous.

By Nicole Gaudiano, Gannett Washington Bureau [Carper transportation measure passes Senate]: Carper transportation measure passes Senate

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Tom Carper's push for a long-term transportation strategy overcame a major hurdle Tuesday when the Senate passed his proposal as an amendment to a funding bill.


Rachel Axon. @RachelAxon. USA TODAY Sports.

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