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Gannett News Service

Founded in 1943, this daily news service provides 2,000 monthly stories that cover the editorial spectrum. Subscribers receive international, national, state, sports, business and lifestyle stories from bureaus in countries around the world. The service also includes
30 special-interest columns. Contributors include USA TODAY, the Arizona Republic, the Des Moines Register, the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle, the Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.) and the Cincinnati Enquirer. Moves with art.

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Nate Davis. @ByNateDavis. USA TODAY Sports. Rarely can an NFL team's season be defined by three mere games.

Robert Bianco, USA TODAY ['NCIS: New Orleans' goes down easy enough]: 'NCIS: New Orleans' goes down easy enough

Robert Bianco, USA TODAY. NCIS: New Orleans. CBS, Tuesday, 9 ET/PT. two and a half starsout of four. Let the so-so times roll.

Lindsay H. Jones [Broncos' running game is off to a slow start]: Broncos' running game is off to a slow start

Lindsay H. Jones. @ByLindsayHJones. USA TODAY Sports. englewood, colo.

Jorge L. Ortiz [Third rocks: Uribe, Sandoval are big deals in the field]: Third rocks: Uribe, Sandoval are big deals in the field

Jorge L. Ortiz. @JorgeLOrtiz. USA TODAY Sports. Physically, neither one reminds anybody of Mike Schmidt, the strapping Hall of Famer who became the prototype third baseman.

Thomas O'Toole [Mariota leads USA TODAY sports' Heisman survey]: Mariota leads USA TODAY sports' Heisman survey

Thomas O'Toole. @ByThomasOToole. USA TODAY Sports. Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota has been here before. Mariota received all but two of the first-place votes Monday in this season's first USA TODAY Sports survey of Heisman Trophy voters.

Daniel Uthman [Computer shift puts 'Bama on top]: Computer shift puts 'Bama on top

Daniel Uthman. @TheFootballFour. USA TODAY Sports. College football computer rankings can see distinct shifts from week to week, especially before conference play begins in earnest.

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